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Our History

Over 175 years of Banking Tradition

It all began on St. Patrick’s Day 1839 when the Northwestern Bank of Virginia opened a branch in Parkersburg. In the years to follow, the bank survived – and often thrived – through Civil War, natural disasters, recessions, and depressions, by focusing on the communities it served. Through a combination of hard work, integrity, calculated acquisitions and unrivaled customer service, United has grown to be one of the top fifty largest banking companies in the United States.

In 1987, United Bankshares, Inc. became a publicly traded company, and just a year later hit the $1 billion mark in total assets. Today, and 31 acquisitions later, United Bankshares has total assets of over $19.2 billion and 142 offices in West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Washington, DC – each built on customer service and commitment to the community.

Four Leaf Clover
Our Lucky Day

Since our founding on St. Patrick’s Day in 1839, we celebrate each anniversary by giving shamrocks to our customers.

Strength in Numbers
Strength in Numbers

Since going public in 1987, we’ve completed 31 acquisitions. During the 41 years of the current administration, United has grown from a single office to one of the most successful regional financial services companies in the USA.

Washington DC Metro Area
A Quarter Century in Greater Washington

In 2015, we celebrated 25 years of business in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.