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Consent To Electronic Records

By activating your Online Credit Card Access account, you are consenting to our providing you an electronic record of (i) the disclosures (the "Disclosures") included in the Online Credit Card Access Disclosure Statement and Agreement, and (ii) your authorizations (the "Authorizations") of any preauthorized electronic funds transfer from your checking or savings accounts. You may (i) request that the Disclosures be provided to you now on paper, and (ii) even if you consent to an electronic record now, later withdraw that consent and have the Disclosures and Authorizations provided to you on paper, by:

  1. Writing us at United BankCard Center, P.O. Box 1382, Parkersburg, WV 26102; or
  2. Calling us at 1.800.242.7600

Your consent applies only to our providing an electronic record of the Disclosures and Authorizations. There will be no fee charged if you request that the Disclosures or Authorizations be provided to you on paper. You must have a personal computer, modem, an Internet Service Provider for Internet access, and the current version of an industry-standard browser such as Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer in order to gain access to and retain the electronic record of the Disclosures and Authorizations.


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