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Knowledge is Power

You are responsible for making decisions about your family’s or business’s finances everyday — about spending, saving and security. We want to empower you with financial knowledge and resources to make informed decisions.

Whether it’s providing relevant information or sitting down one-on-one with a financial professional, we are here to help you achieve your goals and protect your security.

Educational Topics
Fraud Protection Fraud Protection
Fraud Protection

In today’s environment, there are many access points and techniques people can use to commit fraud and identity theft. Prevention is the most successful method of reducing fraud and identity theft.

At United, we are committed to protecting the security of our customer’s information. In addition, we are here to help educate our customers on how they can keep their personal and financial information secure.


Saving & Budgeting Saving & Budgeting
Saving & Budgeting

United Bank is proud to play a part in helping consumers of all ages develop the necessary knowledge and tools to make better financial decisions throughout their lives.

Through customer interaction providing financial planning and advising; volunteering in the community specifically in the areas of fiscal education and responsibility; teaching children about savings and young adults about getting smart about credit, United employees can be found assisting our customers and our community in and out of the office.

Banking with Technology Banking with Technology
Banking with Technology

Your security and peace of mind are our priority. We want to ensure that our customers are able to enjoy the conveniences of electronic banking, without the worry of fraud and theft.

We will continue to remain up-to-date on the latest security features, while striving to provide our customers with the best banking services. Our customers are encouraged to use best practices to protect their information when banking with technology.

Safe Travels Safe Travels
Safe Travels

Your travel itinerary is set, your bags are packed, but have you thought about how you will access payment for expenses while traveling?

Whether planning a weekend getaway or an out-of-the-country adventure, travel smartly and securely with these tips from United Bank.