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Fiduciary & Trust Services

Executing Your Family's Vision

When you partner with United Wealth Management, you gain the peace of mind and knowledge that your gifts and legacy will be structured exactly as you desire. We work closely with families and a team of highly-regarded outside estate and trust attorneys to design and execute plans to manage your estate, both during and after your lifetime. Our team looks holistically at your assets and your individual and familial goals to deliver a personalized approach toward wealth preservation and transfer, including:

  • Wealth Management: Asset Management, Investment Strategy & Asset Allocation, Comprehensive & Consolidated Performance Reporting, Investment Advice
  • Wealth Planning: Estate Planning, Trusts & Wills, Legacy Planning, Business Succession Planning, Gifts During Lifetime, Life Insurance, Asset Protection
  • Charity & Philanthropy: Facilitate Grant Requests, Gifting Strategy, Family Foundations
  • Trust Services: Family Coordinator, Payroll Processing, Bill Paying Services, Real Estate Oversight, Corporate Fiduciary/ Executor
  • Tax Planning: Coordination of Tax Reporting, Filing Tax Returns, Tax Loss Harvesting, Real Estate Structures, Estate Tax Planning, Income Tax Planning
Additional Fiduciary & Trust Services
Putting Our Expertise to Work For You
Trust and Advanced Planning Trust and Advanced Planning
Trust & Advanced Planning

When you choose United Wealth Management as your Corporate Trustee or Co-Trustee, you ensure that your estate settlement, personal, corporate and charitable trusts will be managed with dedication and objectivity, backed by nearly 180 years of experience. Leave the administrative matters and communications to us; we can help you design a plan that creates the multi-generational legacy you envision.

Trusts can be highly flexible estate planning vehicles. United’s team of in-house trust advisors and advanced planning attorneys can answer all your family’s estate planning issues, taking legal, tax and personal considerations into account.

What is a trust?
A trust is a legal arrangement concerning the ownership, management and disposition of property or assets. A trust may either be revocable or irrevocable, depending upon the intent of the creator as well as the overall estate planning objective.

What is a trustee?
A trustee is the party that administers and oversees the trust property or assets. The trustee acts as a fiduciary during the period of trust administration.

Name A Corporate Trustee Name A Corporate Trustee
Why You Should Name A Corporate Trustee

Trust relationships may be multi-generational.  Individual trustees may need replaced during this time.  Utilizing a Corporate Trustee will provide continuity throughout the term of the trust.

  • Experience: Corporate Trustees are familiar with applicable legal requirements, understand the intricacies of a wide range of trust types and can service them efficiently and accurately. United Wealth Management also can leverage our in-house Trust Counsel to address and solve legal issues at no additional cost to you or the Trust.
  • Objectivity: Disputes may arise in families after the death of a loved one, and individual trustees can be put into extremely tenuous positions; corporate trustees objectively carry out the wishes described in the trust document. Having an impartial third party making decisions in the best interest of the beneficiaries will minimize the risk of not adhering to the wishes of the trust’s creator.
  • Record-Keeping: Administering a trust involves responsibilities such as filing tax returns, issuing regular statements and keeping records of trust accounting activity. Family members or other appointed individuals may find these tasks overwhelming and time-consuming.
  • Asset Management: Corporate Trustees give their full attention to managing trust assets and have access to resources that may not be available to an individual. After discussing financial goals, risk tolerance and long-term objectives, the Corporate Trustee will recommend the most logical investment strategy to meet the needs of the beneficiaries.
Estate Settlement Estate Settlement
Estate Settlement

Minimizing conflict and maximizing simplicity - that is our goal when we settle your estate. We oversee every step of the estate settlement process to ensure that complicated, emotional matters do not become a burden or a source of conflict for your family. We probate wills, inventory and value assets, pay creditors and taxes and ensure that your assets are distributed to beneficiaries according to your exact wishes.